List of prominent people admitted to Nairobi Hospital this week

Thursday, March 11th, 2021 15:28 |
The Nairobi Hospital

Kenya has set itself as a medical tourism destination in East Africa seeing prominent people in the region visit the capital Nairobi to get medical services that are unavailable in other places.

Just this week, the Nairobi Hospital that prides itself as the most advanced healthcare facility in the region has hosted who is who in East Africa among them a former, aspiring and a current president.

On Monday, Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli was admitted to the hospital, although the facility declined to confirm about it. Sources at the hospital, however, revealed to the People Daily that Magufuli was admitted at the North Wing facility that is usually reserved for clients who need high levels of privacy.

After Magufuli's admission, the hospital enhanced its security and denied entry to visitors past the reception.

“Yes, I can confirm that he is here, he has been booked in under a special code name to conceal his identity,” said the source who did not want to be identified because of the secrecy surrounding the Tanzanian leader’s health.

On Wednesday, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader and presidential hopeful Raila Odinga was also admitted at the facility where is recuperating from fatigue. Raila was hospitalized after body complains following last weekend's long political tour at the Kenyan coast.

Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki is also said to have checked at the Nairobi Hospital on Monday, but for a routine check-up. Kibaki's spokesman Ngari Gituku said his boss checks at the hospital routinely.

“President Kibaki was at Nairobi Hospital on Monday for a routine check-up and went back to his residence. He usually goes there for check-up,” said Ngari Gituku, the retired president’s spokesman.

Also, former Somalia President Ali Mahdi Muhammad was recuperating at the Nairobi Hospital before he met his death Wednesday night.

Former President Ali Mahdi Mohamed who died at Nairobi.

Somalia's Ministry of Information confirmed Mahdi's death Wednesday, March 10.

Former president Mahdi fell ill last week and he was airlifted to Nairobi and admitted at the Nairobi Hospital.

Following its expansive healthcare, the Nairobi Hospital is a preferred facility for prominent people seeking advanced treatment and away from the public eyes.

The North Wing facility of the Nairobi Hospital was opened in 1974 in anticipation of admitting the late President Jomo Kenyatta has three presidential suites equipped with a fridge, safe, TV, washroom and visitor’s lounge.

The facility, which can accommodate up to 10 patients, has six ensuite rooms, and a dedicated nursing team. Each of the wards at the wing is en-suite complete with a living room that can host visitors and a bedroom.

Additional Reporting by Rawlings Otieno

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