List of counties and their additional MPs as proposed in BBI report

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 14:35 |

Nairobi County will get 16 more Members of Parliament of the 70 additional legislators proposed in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

"This morning, the BBI consultative meeting for Members of Parliament (Senate & National Assembly), while meeting in Naivasha; has agreed on a formula (see page 2, below) for the allocation of the seats by County. Both HE the President & the Rt. Hon. Former PM were present at the talks.

"With the addition of 70 constituencies, we now have 360 MPs to address the requirements of article 81(b, c & d) and article 89(7). The population quota now becomes 132,138 people per MP.

"This population quota is the basis of 70 additional seats. Counties that are presently under-represented by virtue of having heavy population, will on the basis of population quote of 132,138 people per PM, receive additional MPs.

"This is great news for Kenyans who have long suffered from under-representation and a number of whom had made submissions to the BBI steering committee on the need for additional representation," BBI campaign steering committee said in a statement.

Below is how the rest of the MPs' slots will be shared.

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