Limuru MP urge senators to distribute revenue in ‘one-man-one-vote’ formula

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 18:49 |
Limuru MP Peter Mwathi addressing the media. He urged senators to discuss the Revenue Distribution Formula Bill soberly. PHOTO/PD/Clement Kamau

Limuru Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Mwathi has urged senators to distribute county revenue in the 'one-man-one-vote' formula to reap the long term benefits of devolution.

MP Mwathi observed that the recent change of guard at the senate had seemingly created a political wedge among members, a thing he said was likely to negatively impact on debating the 'very crucial revenue disturbing criterion'.

He said that the one man- one vote- one shilling parameter should inform the senators' decisions when debating and voting on the issue adding that the formula is anchored on the long term future of devolution.

"The formula will ensure equity and fairness because money will be distributed proportionally with the population of respective regions and this will be a major breakthrough in realizing actual devolution," he told the media at the Kiambu Covid-19 center in Tigoni, Limuru. 

A section of senators and MPs are opposed to the formula which will see revenue distributed according to the number of people living in respective regions saying that the move will erode the gains of devolution in marginalized areas.

The MP at the same time decried defiance and ignorance to control against Covid-19 by some people at the expense of their lives and their loved ones.

"It is a personal responsibility to sanitize, use face masks, observe social distance, and most importantly stay at home when necessary to avoid the risks of contracting the disease," he said.

Mwathi said that the disease can only be put under the control if the general populace becomes hygienically disciplined and adhere to all the Ministry of Health directives.

"Covid-19 is real, it can kill, it has killed tens of people and nobody should imagine that the disease is non-existent and live a scot-free life," he advised.

The MP said the Covid-19 mitigation measures put by the government had lowered the number of positive patients and called for stricter implementation of the same.

He thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for signing into law the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill early this year that will witness the reduction of tax on basic goods and salaries of low-income Kenyans.

"The law was not only timely but also humane because millions of Kenyans who earn less than 24,000 shillings will have more money in their wallets," he said.

He however urged the government to follow up and ensure that the reduction of value added tax on goods and services is applied to the letter.

"Unscrupulous, greedy and insensitive traders hardly comply with government laws and I call upon the government to make sure that this law is applied fully," he said.

He urged governor James Nyoro to consider establishing public sanitization booths in all bus and matatu terminus in the county.
He hailed the governor for being in the forefront in matters preparedness towards the fight against Covid-19 noting that the county had adequate isolation centres

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