Like Covid-19, relational issues are no respecter of persons

Monday, March 30th, 2020 14:13 |

The world is experiencing difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic. Very few people today can remember ever experiencing something like this in their lifetime.

With infections level almost reaching half a million and deaths almost 20,000 (by the time of writing this article) the Corona crisis is serious.

But there are a couple of relational lessons that can be learned from the crisis. One is that we all are the same, white black or Chinese.

We are all human and the common denominator in all this is the fear it has elicited globally. 

Thus we all suffer from the same viruses in our relationships and there is nothing unique to you as a couple.

That’s why I always advocate for a community of married couples who can support and encourage one another.

No temptation has overcome you in your relationship that is not common to man. Nothing new under the sun. 

Secondly, despite the seriousness of the situation, sadly, Kenyans seem to be going about their lives normally.

Even after the government resorted to directives after urges fell on deaf hears! Talk of people playing with fire. 

Some of us are not keeping the social distancing, are still attending gatherings and not staying at home. This recklessness must stop or else it will destroy us.

Similarly, in the Ten Commandments, we are warned against adultery, that is a complete lockdown there except for your spouse.

But like those few careless people, we so often take those warnings lightly and end up destroying what we have built for years, hurting ourselves and our children. 

The third lesson is the importance of communication. Kudos to our new Cabinet Secretary for Health, Mutahi Kagwe.

Together with other government officials, he has done a good job informing us and keeping us posted. 

In times of difficulties, we need to communicate more rather than less. And so when things are tough in your relationship, that’s the time to communicate more. 

Failure to communicate leads to rumours that cause more panic. In the case of your relationship, less communication during a crisis or conflict may lead to many assumptions that further wreck the relationship thus making the two no longer one. 

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