Life begins after coffee

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 08:40 |

Every time I am in Kilimani, I always make a detour and head to Urban Coffee. This is a chill spot on the ground floor of 197 Lenana Road building. On Lenana Road, there are several buildings whose names include digits; I always wonder how they settled on the numbers, how they decided on which side of the road to start from and how they picked which buildings to number and which ones not to.

I do not go to Urban Coffee to just wonder about human behavior and numbers, I mostly go for the coffee or their Thai. And their décor. It is an airy space that opens up to the skies, with a few strategically placed parasols for shade.  Since it is on the ground floor of an almost six-storeyed building, the walls frame the restaurant and the sky quite beautifully. They have a small lounge, which has connecting ports and beautiful paintings. I always fantasize of just sitting there staring at my computer and pretending to work. Every so often, hitting random keys, gdhdkdkdj, just to properly cement my ‘working while having coffee in a café’ image to the onlookers. There is a beautiful blackboard near the counter with the menu in printed colourful swirls that almost looks handwritten.

The eatery has a great breakfast offering; roasted coffee and blueberry cheesecake or croissant are my staples. Their croissants are soft with that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The blueberry cheesecake needs no description. That it mixes my two favourites, cheesecake and blueberries, is endorsement enough. They have quite a variety of food and at fair prices, at least to me. I mean, it is hard to choose between a crispy veggie wrap that goes for Sh200 and a Thai beef salad that goes for Sh600, right? Other than coffee, I like to enjoy other drink offerings. If I am not having coffee, you will probably find me on a mango coconut smoothie. Oh the thick sumptuous goodness!

I could order their food online, but I have to go and stare at people working in the café to see how I should behave on my next visit when I come with my computer.

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