LG brings home smart Television that listens to you

Monday, November 15th, 2021 10:18 |

TV viewing experience is no longer just about surfing channels with a remote control; it has gone way beyond with newer technologies making inroads into the television industry.

LG unveiled its latest smart TV models with UHD, NanoCell, and OLED.

According to LG, the OLED TV through artificial intelligence technology (AI) can use your voice as its command. It makes use of artificial intelligence to interact with its user. The LG OLED TV (AI) artificial intelligence has the ability to process natural language, listen, think and then accordingly respond to user requests.

The TV comes with a Magic Remote that lets you control the TV in many ways. You can point, click, scroll or simply use voice commands to control your gadget.

It also boast of an Intelligent Processor that brings every picture to life and in detail.

The LG Super UHD TV also gives a superlative viewing experience, with its Nano Cell Technology, which comes with nanoparticles that absorb surplus light wavelengths to viewer’s vivid colours on screen from any viewing angle.

LG one of the pioneers of OLED TVs is cited by many tech lovers as the world’s best-selling OLED brand.

The OLED display of LG OLED has self-lighting pixels, which shows colours in all their richness and highlights even the minutest details of on-screen objects.

LG OLED has an inbuilt Quad-Step Noise Reduction feature, which reduces noise and significantly improves image quality. It also has a Frequency-based Sharpness Enhancer, which gives pictures that are clear, and with well-defined edges.

OLED TV is equipped with Dolby Atmos that captures the movement of every on-screen object and does a 360-degree surround sound. Coupled with Dolby Vision, it brings cinematic experience right in your living room, both in terms of picture and sound.

It optimizes every feature of what is on screen frame by frame and gives you cinematic picture quality. With enhanced HDR and HLG, you get superlative visuals that are stunningly bright and true-to-life

LG OLED TV has all latest Netflix features, it also allows for an overlay of your mobile screen on your TV.

OLEDs, has self-lit pixels that can turn off individually to produce a near-infinite contrast ratio and pitch-perfect blacks with no visible blooming which makes it a great choice for movies or dark room gaming.

It also has instantaneous response time that results in exceptionally smooth motion in sports and video games.

The Picture Pro video processing has been improved, and all four HDMI ports are now compatible with all of the new 4K, HDR, VRR, and 120Hz gaming capabilities.

The LG OLED TV has an elegant silhouette from any side you see it, its slim and has a cinema screen-like appearance, which offers you an immersive viewing experience

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