Legislators give Mudavadi nod for State House talks

Friday, December 27th, 2019 00:00 |
ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi addresses the public during the Maragoli annual cultural festival at Mbale grounds, yesterday. Photo/PD/Ezekiel Mwanzia

Douglas Dindi

Amani National Congress (ANC) party has given its leader Musalia Mudavadi a go ahead and consolidate his ties with President Uhuru Kenyatta to enable him to achieve his State House ambitions in 2022. 

 Seven ANC MPs congregating at Mbale town for the 40th Logoli Cultural Festival finally had their way in convincing the public, hesitant against any political dalliance between Mudavadi and President Uhuru.

 MPs Alfred Agoi (Sabatia), Omboko Milemba (Emuhaya), Ayub Savula (Lugari), Beatrice Adagala (Vihiga Woman Rep), Titus Khamala (Lurambi), Sakwa Bunyasi (Nambale) and Ernest Ogesi (Vihiga) had sought a public endorsement of political link to State House.

 The MPs said though Mudavadi remains the opposition voice after the collapse of the National Super Alliance, it was imperative for him to seize the State House goodwill to engage in structured talks that would enhance his chances to succeed President Uhuru.

 It took a prodding by Agoi to convince the audience that the cordial ties and harmonious working ties between President Uhuru and Mudavadi would be beneficial to ANC’s ultimate quest for presidency in 2022. 

Petty divisions

He said it was, therefore,critical for Mudavadi to play his role as the opposition leader and retain his ties with Uhuru and other State agencies links, adding that he will leverage on them to deliver the big seat to the Mulembe nation.

 “You must remember that the presidency is like a beautiful virgin girl whose ‘father’ at the moment is President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

So to court that girl, you must also be friendly to the father,” Agoi said after his initial push was met with nasty choruses.

 Devolution Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa said the Luhya bid for the presidency would be in vain unless leaders united and consolidate their numbers.

He supported the ANC leaders’ position saying a lot of contact and linkage was needed for the dream to succeed.

 “On March 9, 2018, we saw a Handshake between Raila Odinga and the President. In September, we saw Kalonzo Musyoka agreeing to work with the President. Both cases could be a strategy for the two leaders to enhance their chance for the State House job.” 

Former Kilgoris MP Julius Sunkuli said Luhya leaders must avoid petty divisions to be attractive to other voting blocks.

“You have the numbers going by the 2019 census results. What stops you from winning the Presidency? I have invited Mudavadi to Narok and I want him to be forceful.”

 Mudavadi said he was focused on the Presidency and urged the Luhya to support his bid. 

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