Leaders urged to stop politicising BBI

Thursday, December 12th, 2019 19:16 |
National Chairman for the Kikuyu council of elders Wachira Kiago

Kikuyu council of elders have urged political leaders to stop using the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as a tool to propagate their own interests.

The elders led by their national chairman Wachira Kiago said there is too  much politics being played with the BBI and this is causing a lot of confusion to the common persons.

Speaking in Murang'a, Kiago said the council unanimously supports the report as it seeks to bring unity and cohesion among all the tribes in the country.

He however said it the report is politicised, all the efforts made to complied it will be wasted.

"The politics being played around with BBI are by no means meant to benefit the public, these leaders are only driving their own interests" he said.

He said any leader talking about BBI should be looking at the issues which can benefit the people and not drive their own agenda.

The chairman also castigated the leaders from Mt.Kenya region whom he said have been divided by petty politics.

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