Leaders in referendum signature drive cry foul over lack of cash

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 19:07 |

Leaders whine over lack of BBI cash

Several leaders in the referendum push are crying foul after their facilitators failed to release money for the current stage of signature mobilisation.

Grassroots leaders have expressed their reservations over the process that has not received any financial backing from political parties or the leadership.

In their arguments, they were expecting the money to have arrived through the provincial administrators who are at the forefront of the process launched last week.

Looming elections drive huge wedge into party

Conflicting information about a political party’s impending election has driven a wedge between its members.

The party elections, which had been set for early next year have been scuttled with politicians currently occupying influential positions seemingly comfortable with the confusion around the polls, whic have been taken over by the BBI referendum.

Those outside accuse incumbents of using their positions to carve their path to the 2022 elections, set to start immediately after the plebiscite.

City MCAs joyful over Sonko’s ouster brakes

At the Nairobi County Assembly, there was excitement after news came through that a court injunction had stopped the impeachment of Governor Mike Sonko.

Hirelings who spend most of their time outside City Hall joined several MCAs and county workers in the celebrations as they came to terms that the Governor’s tenure will not be interrupted any time soon.

Destitute trader in trouble over soft loans

A businessman in the lands sale business at the heart of many dealings with government and senior civil servants has hit a rough patch.

The millionaire who was paid a colossal amount of money two years ago, is said to have resorted to borrowing from close friends who have in the process accused him of failing to honour his friendly loans.

A friend has threatened to sue him in a civil suit for non-payment, in a case that is expected to draw a lot of publicity in the country.


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