Leaders demand halt to Buxton project, threaten legal action

Monday, September 14th, 2020 00:00 |
Nyali MP Mohammed Ali.

A section of leaders from Mombasa have demanded for the suspension of the Sh6 billion Buxton Housing Project steered by the county government.

Led by former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar, Nyali MP Mohammed Ali and three MCAs have vowed to move to court and block the project terming it illegal.

“We are warning even the banks who want to take part in this illegal project that they are bound to lose their investments because this whole process is illegal.

We will go to court or use our political strength to ensure residents are not victimised,”Ali said on Sunday.

Omar questioned why the project was being rushed while the genuine tenants are opposing it.

He wants the project suspended to avoid victimization of the majority poor.

This, after residents of Buxton estate residents led by Buxton Welfare Association Baya Mwanyule expressed displeasure in the manner in which the project will be implemented.

Mombasa ounty announced the rejuvenation of the estates at a cost of Sh6 billion, through public, private partnership.

“We are very poor to buy new houses through the proposed mortgage plan. Many of us are living below the poverty line and this is a death sentence to us. We are opposed to it because all the processes are illegal,” said Mwanyule.

About 150 tenants are from Mombasa County government while 350 are private tenants who own the old units within the Buxton Estate.

The number of inhabitants of the houses is either dependent on salary, or is involved in casual jobs.

Statistics from the Mombasa County Government show that current demand for housing in the city stands at 150,000 units per year against an annual supply of 4,000. In this venture about 1,800 units will be built.

Once complete, the cost of one bed-room apartment will cost about Sh1.8 million, two bedroom apartment will go for Sh3 million while three bedroom units will each cost Sh4.2 million once complete.    

“The mode of repayment will be done through mortgage, we will look for a suitable mortgage for every tenant, in line with their financial strength, we don’t want the real beneficiaries to miss out from this,” Suleiman Shahbal said.

The tenants will be paid Sh300,000 vacation fee and Sh60,000 deposit for the house deposited for them so as to stand as starting deposit for those who want the houses.

The estate components include 600 one-bedroom units, 700 two-bedroom units and 600 three-bedroom units, a social hall, sports grounds, medical center, youth center and a social hall.

The project, expected to house up to 10,000 residents, is one of the first fruits of the political handshake between Governor Hassan Joho and his political rival, Shahbal.

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