Kung Fu show staged in Rwanda to celebrate 70th anniversary of foundingof PRC

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 00:00 |
Rao Hongwei, Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda delivers his remarks at a Kung Fu (martial arts) performance in Kigali, capital city of Rwanda. (Xinhua/Lyu Tianran)


Various Chinese Kung Fu (martial arts) performances were staged here Sunday evening to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Chinese and Rwandan performers, including adults and children, entertained a full house of about 500 spectators with various Kung Fu performances such as Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Qigong and Sanda.

Besides, teachers and students from Confucius Institute at the University of Rwanda sang Chinese and Rwandan songs during the event. Rwandan traditional dance and instruments were also showcased.

The event was co-organized by Rwanda Kung-fu Wushu Federation (RKWF) and the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda.

Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei said at the event that he hopes Kung Fu will help boost cultural exchanges and friendships between China and the international community, including Rwanda.

"Exchanges, integration and mutual learning based on equality are the only way to ensure the prosperity of all nations and a better future of the whole world," he said.

"This event demonstrates bilateral relations between Rwanda and China, and Kung Fu is among the best Chinese cultures that we learnt to keep our body in shape, strengthening self-defense and self-control," RKWF's President Marc Uwiragiye said.

"Kung Fu started many years ago in Rwanda but with little knowledge and skills. It is because of the love of Kung Fu and aspiration for Chinese movies that our youth continued to admire the art of Kung Fu," he said, adding that the RKWF, founded in 2007, now has 25 Kung Fu classes and 2,000 Kung Fu players across the country.

"We appreciate our young people's efforts to learn martial arts as skills and physical fitness. This is good for these young people's sports development and physical wellbeing," said Festus Bizimana, vice president of Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee.

"It's a pleasure to cooperate with the Chinese government through sports. We thank the Chinese embassy for supporting the development of the Chinese culture and art in our country," he said.(Xinhua)

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