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KRA to auction 314 vehicles at Mombasa port over tax disputes

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 10:30 |
Govt set to auction vehicles held over tax issues. PHOTO: PD

Kenya Revenue Authority is set to auction some 314 vehicles and 223 containers which are being detained at the port of Mombasa over tax-related disputes.

It is an event set to upset a number of suspected tax defaulters whose high-end vehicles will be part of the auction.

The Authority's Coast Region Coordinator Joseph Tunoi said the auction scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday is expected to raise between Sh150 million and Sh200 million revenue.

According to Tunoi this week’s auction will be “historic” as it will be the first time the auction will be done for two days.

“For the first time, we are going to run a customs auction for two consecutive days. It is scheduled for June 23 and 24. This is because of the big number of motor vehicles and containers that are put on auction,” said Tonui, adding the event will be geared to adhere to Covid-19 protocols.

The vehicles are being detained at various Container Freight Stations (CFSs) and the containers, which have assorted household items, clothes and shoes, are being held at the Custom Warehouse within the port of Mombasa.

“These are majorly containers that have overstayed. We want to clear congestion at the port, encourage efficiency and facilitate trade. We are also in the business of protecting our revenue,” he said adding: “The process will be very transparent. Every Kenya has an equal chance to bid for whatever they wish to buy."

While noting the objective of the auction is to protect revenue Tunoi said in the last auction, "we collected about Sh53 million revenue".

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