KQ stowaway story founded on misleading info – Sky News

Thursday, November 21st, 2019 17:29 |
Isaac Beti and his wife Janet Khakali who have disowned media reports alleging that they are parents of Paul Manyasi, a stowaway who plunged to death in a London neighbourhood in June this year. PD/DOUGLAS DINDI

British news company Sky News has admitted its story of the stowaway, who fell off a Kenya Airways plane in London in June 2019, was based on misleading information.

Sky News has blamed the interviewees in the story for the error.

"However, we no longer have conclusive evidence that he worked for the cleaning company Colnet and we apologise to Colnet for suggesting the stowaway was one of their employees," reads part of the statement.

Hours before admitting the error, Sky News pulled the investigative report from their website.

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A counter-story carried by Nation newspaper on Thursday November 21, revealed the true identity of the man Sky News claimed as Paul Manyasi to be Shivonje Isaac.

Sky News had used the photos of Shivonje as the identity of Manyasi

Sky News has also apologized to Colnet, the cleaning company which they claimed Manyasi worked for before his ill-fated trip to UK.

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