KPC, Pwani Oil to produce 60,000 bottles of free hand sanitizers

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 10:46 |

As the country intensifies the war on the coronavirus, Mombasa-based manufacturer Pwani Oil has partnered with Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) to produce 60,000 half litre bottles of hand sanitizer to be distributed free to the public.  

This is equivalent to 30,000 litres of hand sanitizer, recommended as an effective precaution against the coronavirus Covid 19 respiratory disease. 

This comes as the government strengthens its collaboration with the private sector to scale up the production of essential materials for use by the general public and health workers in managing the spread of Covid 19 in the country.

Pwani Oil Commercial Director Rajul Malde said the partnership with KPC is part of the company’s ongoing initiatives to support of the country’s effort to contain Covid 19. 

“We continue to scale up our support to ongoing efforts by the government and other partners to prevent the spread of coronavirus, using our capabilities and facilities, and as part of our contribution as a business to the wellbeing of all Kenyans,” said Mr. Malde.  

He added that Pwani Oil, which manufactures cooking oil, soap and detergents, was focusing its interventions at the grassroots level where they would have the most impact, especially in identified Covid 19 hotspots in various parts of the county. 

Kenya Pipeline Company Chairman John Ngumi lauded the gesture by Pwani Oil saying it is aligned with the government’s goal of engaging private sector and other stakeholders in fighting Covid 19. 

“This is a good example of a public-private partnership to deliver targeted interventions against the coronavirus pandemic. We need everyone on board in ensuring we have adequate resources to prevent the further spread of this dangerous disease among our people,” said Mr. Ngumi.  

On March 18, the government ordered the release of 400,000 litres of ethanol in its stores, seized through legal processes, for use in the manufacture of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to meet the growing demand in the wake of the coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak. 

KPC was mandated by the government to oversee the distribution of the ethanol to various firms that have volunteered to make hand sanitizers for public use. 

Mr. Malde says Pwani Oil has the facilities to produce hand sanitizers and the company was ready to assist in any way it can working other stakeholders to provide essential sanitary items. 

Pwani Oil has in addition to reducing prices on some of its soap brands, donated hand washing kits and soap for use at strategic public points. The firm has partnered with the Kenya Ferry Services to provide soap on ferries and also distributed hand washing equipment to be used in police stations, health facilities and other public spaces across the country. 

The company has also partnered with the Kenya Progressive Nurses Association to provide 122 hand washing kits and 70 cartons of soap to be distributed to medical personnel in hospitals across eleven counties.  

Pwani Oil has also been engaging in a public sensitization campaign on the Covid 19 disease prevention and importance of washing hands. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of hand sanitizers with an alcohol (ethanol) content of at least 60 percent as one way of curbing the spread of the coronavirus through regular washing of hands.

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