KMA wants State to provide health workers with PPEs, speed up COVID-19 testing countrywide

Monday, August 2nd, 2021 09:45 |
Were Onyino, the KMA President.

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) has called on the government to ensure that healthcare workers are provided with personal protective equipment as COVID-19 cases surge in the country.

In a statement to newsroom, KMA also urged the government to avail COVID-19 testing kits countrywide to speed up screening exercises.

"KMA calls upon the government to secure the health and wellbeing of front-line healthcare workers, by facilitating access critical care services, vaccines and psychosocial support," KMA, through its president Dr Were Onyono, said.

He added: We insist on further investment in nationwide testing, robust research and increased human resource as stipulated in the Ministry of Health HRH guidelines for management of Covid 19."

The medics' body further called on the county governments to ensure they have functional isolation and Intensive Care Units to cater for the increasing demand and provide sufficient PPEs to all healthcare workers.

"Our frontline health workers are tirelessly giving of themselves to the nation, to help manage this pandemic. We laud their generous efforts and thank them for their selflessness. KMA urges all frontline health workers to ensure that they protect themselves with high quality PPES while at work," Were said.

He also said use of telemedicine, and the reduction of elective surgeries and procedures will also be helpful.

"As we combat this 4th wave, we urge all Kenyans to strictly adhere to the Covid 19 protocols issued by the Ministry of Health. In particular, we emphasize the need to stop attending crowded public gatherings like political rallies, weddings and funerals, to wear suitable masks correctly and consistently, and to wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer as often as is necessary," he said.

KMA also urged all education institutions to increase their surveillance and strictly adhere to the protocols issued by the Ministry of Education and of Health, in order to protect our learners, teachers and administrative staff, and provide a safe learning environment.

"KMA highly discourages self-treatment and medication at home for respiratory infections. All treatment should be initiated and supervised by qualified medical personnel," Were added.

KMA also urged the Ministry of Health to accelerate the acquisition and deployment of vaccines in the country.

"These vaccines should be issued to as many health facilities as possible, public, private and faith based, to ensure increased access by the public. We encourage all Kenyans who qualify to present themselves for vaccination when the vaccines are made available," he said.

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