Kiunjuri singles out what politicians must do to get Mt Kenya votes

Saturday, October 16th, 2021 21:30 |
Former Agriculture Cabinet secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri. Photo/Courtesy

Former Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri has stated that no politician vying for the presidency has the votes of Mt Kenya region.

Speaking during the burial of Sisimunda Muthoni in Mberee, Embu county, Kiunjuri who is under the umbrella of Mt Kenya Unity Forum said no politician is sure of getting votes from the populous Mt Kenya region.

"Nobody should boast of being the kingpin of Mt Kenya region. How can you boast of being the kingpin of Mt Kenya region when you are yet to be voted for," Kiunjuri said.

In his address to mourners, Kiunjuri further stated that there must be equality for what Mt Kenya voters will earn from their choice for President in the August 2022 general elections.

"If you want our votes, you must assure us that there will be equality of votes. One man, one vote, one shilling," Kinujuri said.

According to Kiunjuri, the people of Mt Kenya have been sidelined by politicians who claim that changing the constitution will only earn a section of leaders government positions.

"If you truly want to take care of Mt Kenya voters you must assure us that you will change the constitution in the first 100 days in office so that we can have that equality," The Service Party (TSP) boss said.

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