Kitui Minority Narc party member, quits

Saturday, August 10th, 2019 00:00 |
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu. Photo/Courtesy

A showdown is looming between Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and Senator Enock Wambua over the planned expansion of Kitui Textiles Centre (Kicotec), a pet project of the county chief.

At the weekend, hundreds of residents from Mutune sub-location where the textiles centre is located marched to the governor’s office protesting Wambua’s move to block relocation of Syongila Polytechnic to pave way for expansion of the garment manufacturing plant.

The senator avers that the polytechnic, which is adjacent to the factory, remains intact and other earmarked factories be established at Kanyonyoo area where there is expansive idle land while Ngilu maintains the area around Syongila is ideal for manufacturing companies given its proximity to the county headquarters.

She said the reason for expanding the textiles centre is to accommodate honey and leather factories after EPZ expressed interest to invest in the area. 

“My government has made a resolve to do things differently from the previous regime by empowering the residents economically and those opposing my plans are just ignorant of the needs of the residents,’’ she said.

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