Kitui MCAs speak out over impending Ngilu impeachment

Monday, June 29th, 2020 11:11 |

A section of Kitui County MCAs has vowed to impeach Governor Charity Ngilu even as the court stopped the ouster last week.

Ngilu moved to court on June 24 to stop the county Assembly from debating the impeachment motion which was set to take place this morning.

The motion was filed last week by the Assembly Majority Leader and Athi ward representative Peter Kilonzo. The MCAs accuse Ngilu, a first time Governor, of violating the Constitution, the County Government Act, conflict of interest and abuse of office.

According to Kilonzo, the MCAs plan to challenge court orders obtained by Ngilu. Kilonzo accused Ngilu of employing delay tactics to derail the impeachment process.

“The people of Kitui County should not lose hope. The court orders obtained by the Governor only suspended the debate proceedings not thre impeachment,” said Kilonzo.

Kyome-Thaana ward Wambua Mwangangi further accused Ngilu of trying to compromise the impeachment adding the County Assembly has “watertight evidence” against her.

“The governor should stop these gimmicks. Her days are numbered,” said Wambua. Migwani ward MCA Phillip Nguli said Ngilu’s stay order from the High court stopping impeachment debate for seven days is an attempt to scuttle the impeachment process by buying more time to lobby MCAs to drop the motion.

“Kitui people have been praying about the stoppage of theft and corruption and God has answered their prayers. Ngilu must go home!”, said Nguli.

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