Kitengela 4 probe adds mystery to criminal activities

Thursday, May 6th, 2021 00:00 |
Benjamin Imbai (top left), Brian Oduor (top right), Elijah Obuong (bottom, left) and Jack Anyago. right)COURTESY

At least seven former associates of the four friends who disappeared after a meeting in Kitengela, Kajiado County last month, have died in mysterious circumstances over the last three years, People Daily can now reveal.

Some employees of a local bank are also under the radar of detectives following reports that most of the victims of this gang were trailed before being robbed, especially in Kajiado, Mombasa, Machakos and Nairobi counties.

Investigations further reveal Benjamin Amache Imbai, Elijah Obuong, Brian Oduor and Jack Anyago were linked to the former Upper Savanna Ward aspirant, Victor Jakambare.

In one of the cases investigated by the DCI, Jakambare was accused of breaking into the vehicle of a man who left the Ongata Rongai branch of a local bank and stole Sh900,000.

Jakambare was also killed mysteriously and his body together with that of another man were found dumped in Kinale forest, Kiambu county.

People Daily has established that Oduor was scheduled to attend an active court case in the Mombasa High Court which was to be mentioned on May 13.

Arrested in Mombasa

A detective based in Mombasa yesterday said Oduor, Obuong and Imbai were in 2017 arrested alongside two Mombasa based businessmen Chege Gitau and James Mwangi and questioned at Makupa Police Station over their involvement in crime.

In September 2017, Gitau, who owns several houses and assets in the Coastal region, was shot dead outside his house in Tudor, Mombasa County by unknown gunmen who trailed him from Kitengela, Kajiado County.

Some of the criminal activities that Gitau had been linked to include stealing of goods worth millions of shillings. He was allegedly found off-loading the goods from a trailer.

He spent a number of days at Makupa Police station with the police saying the goods he had stolen were estimated at Sh23 million.

“His records at Makupa station clearly show that he was involved in criminal activities both Oduor and Gitau had even recorded statements with the police,” the detective said, adding that he was released on a Sh100,000 bond.

During the time, police said that he was trailed by five men while driving his personal vehicle of registration number and shot him ten times as he was awaiting his gate to be opened.

Another notable member of the gang, whose whereabouts remain unknown, is Athumani Kamau Hussein alias Ramadhan.

Ramadhan who is known as Lock Picker within police circles was in 2016 arrested alongside Imbai for allegedly stealing Sh100,000 after breaking into a car  owned by one Morris Odero.

Odero had just left a local bank in Mombasa town when the duo trailed and robbed him of the money but they were later arrested.

A detective said the gang was known for hiring vehicles either in Nairobi or the Coast and using them for criminal activities.

It has also emerged that the Mark X car that they were using before they disappeared registration KCQ 715C was detained at Makupa Police Station just three months after it left Ahmad showroom in Mombasa.

The car was sold in April 2018 to Faizal Wanjiru Mathenge and the agreement was signed on her behalf by her husband Titus Lemayon alias Brian Kata.

However, the company said that the buyer never paid the balance which she was to be paying on monthly installments.

“The car was picked by Kata from the company after we signed an agreement but a few months later he stopped paying for it,” Mudassar Ahmad a director of the car selling company said. 

People Daily reached out to Ms Wanjiru who said the car was still under her possession and that she was not ready to speak anything about it. 

Instead, she referred reporters to Kitengela Police Station where the car is currently being held.  

“You know where the vehicle is, I don’t want the media to question me much about the matter,” Ms Wanjiru said, before hanging up her phone. 

By yesterday evening, directors of Ahmad company, who had last week been asked to report to Kitengela Police Station, had not recorded a statement over the ownership of the vehicle. 

It has emerged that two more men accompanied Lemayon when he was picking the car from the company in Mombasa and they have been identified as Zecharia Njoroge, who sells clothes in Gikomba, and Ficky Omar, a Mombasa based car broker.  

Yesterday, Omar said he was a broker and had only directed Lemayon to purchase the car from the company.  “I am a broker and mine was to link up the buyer with the company that was selling the car, which I did and from there I don’t know what followed,” he said. 

Just a month after the trio had left the company with the car - People Daily has established it was detained at Makupa police station for months. 

According to Ahmad, the buyer of the car had failed to honour an agreement of paying for it on installments and had asked auctioneers to track it down.

“They found it but the police at the station told us that we could not repossess the vehicle as it had an ongoing criminal case,” he said, adding that it stayed at the station until last year. 

He said they had an agreement with the police to ensure the car is not handed back to the owners.

However, he was shocked two weeks ago, when news broke that the car had been towed to Kitengela Police Station and those who were driving it had mysteriously disappeared. 

“I was shocked that the car had been released from the station and that it was again involved in another criminal like activity,” he said.

By yesterday evening the body of Anyago had not been found. Anyago was very active on Facebook but he used a pseudo account with the name Sucre Sucre.

However, the rest were not on social media, a common trend with suspects of criminal activities who have pending cases in court or are wanted by the police. 

Etihad Airways

On his Linkedin profile he says he is a Sales and Marketing executive at Etihad Airways where he has worked since November 2013. 

He also says between February 2010 and March 2011, he worked as a cabin crew. He also says he studied at Kenya Utalii College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Service Limited.  

Take the case of Clare Ocholla who lost Sh133,500 to Anyago who had tricked him that he was in a position to assist her get a slot at the Kenya Airways Pride Centre, which is a Kenya Airways company that trains on Aviation courses. 

Ocholla had been introduced to Anyago by a mutual friend who also believed that he worked as a member of a cabin crew at the Etihad Airways. 

“The total amount that was wanted was Sh230,000 and I had only raised Sh133,500 and he told me to hand him over the money and he will pay the rest for me. I went ahead and paid it to him and he issued me with a receipt,” she said. 

Three weeks after she had started studying in the school, Ocholla who had lost her father one year before was shocked when she was informed by the finance department that her receipts were fake. 

She said she reported the matter at Embakasi Police Station and it was referred to Central Police station. However, no action was taken against him despite police officers severally informing her that they were tracking him to parts of Ngong and Kitengela. 

People Daily has also established that Anyago was also involved in another deal where he conned a woman Sh560,000.  Dayan Oburu who is the woman’s husband said that he was forced to intervene and reported the matter to the police and he was arrested and paid the money in two weeks before he was released. 

“Out of the whole amount he paid Sh480,000 in a span of two weeks and we agreed that he clears the other amount in due time,” Oburu said. 

Members of his family this week said that they knew he worked in a travel and tour company and was mostly based in Mombasa. 

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