Kitany lured Linturi to Sopa to win his property, says lawyer

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 00:00 |
Meru Senator Mithika Linturi with lawyer Danstan Omari representing Maryanne Kitany before the start of the hearing at Milimani Law Courts. Photo/PD/CHARLES MATHAI

One of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s lawyers George Wajackoyah yesterday accused Maryanne Kitany of luring the legislator into sexual activities at Sopa Lodge so as to win his property.

However, Wajackoyah’s statement contradicted an earlier one by Linturi’s other lawyer, Muthomi Thiankolu, that the senator has never stepped foot at the Naivasha’s Sopa Lodge.

“I have instructions that my client has never ever been to Sopa Lodge,” Muthomi had said.

Kitany, however, insisted she was with Linturi at the said hotel when the impeachment motion he had tabled against the then Devolution Cabinet Secretary  Anne Waiguru in 2014 flopped.

“We were together at Sopa Lodge having quality time. We went back several times after that,” she told the court.

Stealing titles

According to Muthomi, Kitany’s relatives gave title deeds voluntarily to Linturi to charge them to the bank, an allegation which was refuted by Kitany who insisted that the senator stole the titles which were in her custody and forged their signatures.

“I will stick to the statement I made here that Linturi stole title deeds belonging to my relatives,” she told the court.

Kitany who dodged several questions asked by Linturi’s lawyers also denied some parts of an affidavit saying they were not hers.

According to Linturi’s lawyers, drinking mursik and eating miraa was not a symbol of marriage as Kitany told the court previously.

Muthomi claimed that the first step of Nandi customary marriage is the boys’ parents visiting the girls parents, the second step is koito which is an engagement ceremony and the third step, if dowry is successful the girl hands milk butter to in laws to apply on her forehead.

Marriage ceremony

He insisted that the marriage did not take place as alleged by Kitany and that the senator had attended a different function in Nandi that had nothing to do with marriage. The lawyer also noted that Linturi’s parents, his brothers and sisters did not attend the said function and accused   Kitany of lying.

However, in response, Kitany told the court Linturi had told her that his parents could not come to the marriage ceremony because they had already accompanied him to a similar one before which Linturi claimed to have been annulled.

“Because he produced the documents to show that he was divorced and because the relationship is about trust, I trusted him,” she told the court.

Muthomi further poked holes into a document Kitany had filed in court which was a card of invitation to the alleged marriage ceremony.

According to the lawyer, the said document indicated it was an invitation to an engagement which was to be held on  April 16,  2016 yet Kitany claims she got married on March 26, 2016.

In response, however, Kitany noted that they changed the dates after Linturi said he would not be available on the earlier dates. When asked whether the people from Meru who went for the marriage ceremony would come to testify, Kitany told the court that they had been threatened not come.

“Witnesses from Meru have been threatened to come, I have done an affidavit to indicate they have been threatened,” she told the court.

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