Kisii: Civil society official supports BBI

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 15:57 |

Gusii Governance watch, Civil Society Organization Secretary, Rachael Otundo has lauded a proposal in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) for governors and deputies to be of opposite gender, saying it will enhance women’s participation in the counties leadership and governance.

Consequently, the official has urged women to seek elective posts for various seats in the counties and the national assembly to comply with the two thirds gender rule.

She said women have been shunning vying for elective seats and instead relied on nominations by political parties after general elections, noting it bloated the wage bills at the Senate, parliament and counties at the expense of development.

“Women have a chance to fight for their political space. I urge male competitors to brace for bruising battles in the next general election,” Otundo told People Daily yesterday at her office.

The official noted elected women leaders have proved to be competent and challenged communities which have shunned electing women to change their negatives attitudes and perceptions towards women and elect them to end the dominance by their male counterparts.

She commended the proposal to increase allocations to counties from 15 percent to 35, stressing it will enable counties implement development projects and boost people’s lives.

“Counties will get a lot of funds for development. Kenyans should elect visionary and development conscious governors who will utilize the funds to benefit residents,” Otundo said.

The official lauded the proposal on the creation of the County Ward Fund, noting it will give locals a chance to identify priority projects to be implanted to benefit them.

Previously, noted the official, some Ward Representatives imposed projects on residents, only for the projects to collapse due to lack of ownership, support and sustainability.

“Kenyans will know projects implemented by elected leaders and the government. We will not have duplicated projects and government funds will not be embezzled by leaders and government officers," Otundo stated.

She appealed to Kenyans to read the BBI draft Report and understand it so that they can make informed decisions when it will be subjected to the Referendum.

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