Kisii: A headmaster lures his teen niece to bed with Ksh1000

Friday, July 31st, 2020 18:49 |


Police in Nyacheki Location, Nyamache Sub-county, Kisii County are investigating a case where a 14-year-old form one student was allegedly defiled by her uncle who is also a school headteacher after luring her with Sh.1000.

Narrating the ordeal at the police station where she had reported the matter, the girl’s mother, (name withheld) said the daughter was defiled more than one time by the uncle (her husband’s brother).

She appealed for justice against the suspect Innocent Ogega, who is the headteacher for Bendera DOK Primary school.

The mother of the victim explained how she woke up at 6 am for her dairy business but realized all was not well when she returned to deliver the milk and found her daughter missing from the home compound.

After a quick search she found the daughter unusually cleaning her feet behind the house and demanded to know where she had returned from.

The daughter revealed that she was from meeting her uncle in a nearby abandoned house whose owners had passed on.

Fearing her mother’s threats to give her a thorough beating, she handed over the Sh. 1000 she had received from the uncle.

It is then that the mother took her by force to the uncle’s place and told of her displeasure to the wife who was in the kitchen before heading to Nyacheki Health Center for treatment.

They later reported the matter to the nearby Nyacheki Police Station.

The headmaster is said to have taught the minor in 2019 when she was in primary school.

Rigena area Chief John Nyaega said he will collaborate with the police to ensure the victim receives justice and urged residents to report such incidents to authorities for immediate action

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