Kiraitu wants MP expelled from Jubilee

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 00:00 |
Deputy President William Ruto. Photo/DPPS

Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi has petitioned Jubilee Party to revoke nomination of Mpuru Aburi as a member of East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) following what he termed gross misconduct and disloyalty to the party.

Kiraitu has accused Mpuru of spreading lies and tainting his image and asked Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju to expel him from the party.

 “Mpuru has now poked his fingers to the wrong eye. We cannot condone him anymore because he has infringed section 14(5)d and E of the Political Parties Act and Article 13 of the Jubilee party Constitution by gross misconduct an disloyalty.

He  deserves to be punished without any sympathy,” said Kiraitu.

Mpuru is an ardent supporter of Agriculture Secretary Peter Munya, Kiraitu’s arch rival. Kiraitu accused Aburi of registering his own political party contrary to Jubilee rules.

 He claimed that Mpuru has registers a political outfit named National Ordinary People Empowered Union (NOPEU), which he is currently using to rally against him in public rallies. 

“I have tolerated Mpuru for so long now. I can tell him to prepare for severe burns now that he has played with fire,” noted Kiraitu.

Mpuru at the weekend addressed a meeting at Kionyo Market in Imenti South and asked residents to vote out Kiraitu in the next election accusing him of poor performance.

Kiraitu at the same time accused the MP of trying to divide the region by fronting premature 2022 campaigns by insulting other Jubilee Party leaders.

“We are calling on Tuju not to tolerate or condone such leaders in the party. He should be removed from the register as soon as possible to act as an example to others who are bringing shame and discrediting the party,” said Munya.

Contacted, Mpuru rubbished Kiraitu’s claims that he had founded a new party, insisting that he was more loyal to Jubilee than the governor and that his monthly subscriptions will bear him witness. 

“The problem between Kiraitu and myself is that we are demanding accountability, which he is unhappy with.

He is uncomfortable that  Munya and I  are gaining popularity regionally because of the way the Cabinet Secretary is addressing issues affecting farmers, especially tea,” said the MP.

Sends home 

He continued: “We are on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s side but Kiraitu is leading Meru leaders to the Tanga Tanga side, which we will not allow. Kiraitu is licking a red-hot knife.  

He is trying to swallow a razor blade and he should be ready for the consequences. We are on his case and will send him home. 

He should declare his stand on whether he is whether he is with the President or not.” 

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