Kipchoge: I just want to rest now

Monday, October 14th, 2019 00:31 |

  Vienna, Sunday

Has the moment sunk in after achieving this?

(Laughs) Yes it has. After last night now it’s fine.

When you woke up this morning, did it feel like a dream?

It felt like a dream but I like the reality now.

Picking Vienna, a big factor were the people. You wanted the people to cheer you on, how did it feel when you came to the hauptallee and saw thousands of people?

I felt very emotional. People taking their time to come to the course to see me. I was very happy to see that and very proud.

What was the difference in your approach in this race compared to your other marathons or did you approach it exactly the same kilometre after kilometre?

This was really different because I was running against the clock and nothing else because short of time meant short of the target. So I tried to be calm.

You had world class pacemakers with you, did they make the difference?

Truly world class. Some of them were in Doha recently some are Olympics champions and some we have been training with. They decided to come and support me and it was great.

Would you consider competing against Kenenisa Bekele in the marathon in the near future? 

I work with a team and it is the team which decide so I will sit with them and see if it is possible to race with him (Bekele). 

You have been advocating to make marathon a team sport and we saw that yesterday....

Without a team you are nowhere. I’m expecting that in future, people will score as individuals and also as a team.

When we see you smiling during a race, is it to trick your brain that you’re in pain or is it just a tactic?

When I smile is because I am really happy, it’s not a trick. It was true happiness. 

How long do you take for your recover? 

I am going to take three weeks

What do you eat after such a feat?

I stick to normal food and try to have a balanced diet.

What is the next challenge for you?

I’m now fully focused on recovery. Time will come when I will decide that.

Your advice to next generation of runners?

They should believe in themselves

Do you ever talk to yourself during races?

I normally tell myself I will do it. Yes, I have my small voices. 

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