Kikuyu elders perform ritual to rid country of COVID-19 (PHOTOS)

Friday, May 1st, 2020 16:18 |

In an effort to liberate the country from the hard-hitting Covid-19 pandemic, the Kikuyu Council of Elders has performed a special ritual similar to those practiced by their forefathers whenever the Kikuyu nation was attacked by plagues.

Among the calamities that used to call for special rituals are hunger and diseases which used to fade away after the elders divine intervention.

The ritual that involved slaughtering of a distinctive goat (one that is flawless) was the first of its kind since Kenya gained independence in year 1963.

The spotless goat’s meat was later burnt to ashes as the elders made prayers facing Mt Kenya in efforts to purify and seek restoration of normalcy in the country.

For the ritual to be acceptable to God, the elders must cleanse themselves first and fast for seven days.

They must also avoid sleeping on the same bed or enjoy conjugal rights with their wives for a period not below one week.

In the previous years, the ceremony was conducted by staunch and informed elders who had retired from enjoying matrimonial rights with their wives.

The ritual, conducted at the sacred meeting point of the Agikuyu near River Chania in Thika, Kiambu County was led by the reigning Agikuyu king (Muthamaki) Njoroge Karatu who was installed three years ago.

“It’s hard to compel such elders to conduct such a ceremony nowadays because most of them are either ill or incapacitated to move. We have however conducted the ceremony in absolute compliance with the traditions and we hope that God will hear our cry,” said Karatu.

After the slaughtering was done, the spilled blood, goat’s defecations and pancreas were thrown into the river to signify how the virus will leave the country. So far, 396 Kenyans are infected with the virus while over ten have died.

“This virus is not local and it was not manufactured here. We have thrown the excretions and the blood that spilled during the slaughtering to the river for it to flow downstream to the Indian Ocean,” he said.

The elders later, after burning the goat’s meat to ashes throw the remains to River Chania as they reprimanded the virus to go back to the sender.

“As we burnt the meat, the smoke that rose up to the skies were indicative that our God has accepted our offering and heard our prayers. Therefore, we are optimistic and hopeful that through this submission, the virus will be gone,” he said.

On top of the offering, the aged elders also poured a concoction made from fresh milk and honey to the river.

They also decanted a combination of grounded sorghum, millet and black beans into the same river displaying sureness that the epidemic will disappear from the nation.

Karatu implored on loyal elders across the country to perform similar rituals to soothe God to heal the nation and stabilize the increasingly downsizing economy.

Among other elders who were present are Chege Gathu and Ng’ang’a Kimuyu who asked Kenyans to shelve their political aspirations and selfishness and instead endevour to pray for recovery of the nation from the ravaging effects of the global virus.

Father Peter Mburu of St Mulumba Makongeni Catholic Church who attended the ceremony said religion and culture have never fought so long as they are pursuing a noble course to aid the community.

“Christianity and traditions have never conflicted and in this, we had to come together and invoke God to heal our land. This is the most opportune time pray now that churches have closed doors,” he said.

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