Kieleweke MPs plead with residents to endorse the BBI

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 15:03 |
Kieleweke MPs at ST.Paul's Amphitheater

Nine Jubilee Members of Parliament(MPs) allied to the Kieleweke faction have pleaded with voters in the Mt. Kenya region to supports the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as a show of solidarity and respect for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They said that it would be unfortunate and regrettable to reject the document on the pretext that it is being fronted by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The legislators who included Peter Mwathi (Limuru), Mary Wamaua (Maragua), Cate Waruguru (Laikipia), Gathoni Wamuchomba (Kiambu), Peter Kimari (Mathioya), Wangari Mwaniki (Kigumo), Ngunjiri Wambugu (Nyeri Town) and Mercy Gakuya (Kasarani) were speaking at St. Paul's university amphitheater in Limuru during an event dubbed BBI Express convened by Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange to create awareness of the contested BBI amendments.

Koinange while admitting that the ground is hostile with majority of locals flatly rejecting the document urged the MPs to desist from chest thumping and instead sell the document through wisdom.

"The ground might be hostile because it has been poisoned through propaganda but that should not scare you because we all know that it's more than beneficial to our people," he said.

The MP who is also the Parliamentary Security Committee chairman said that the document has very effective proposals in the fight against corruption a vice he said had retarded general development in the country.

"Parliament will provide an effective and expeditious framework for the trial and conclusion of corruption cases and there will be a constitutional provision for the expeditious and efficient prosecution of corruption cases," explained the chairman.

Limuru MP Peter Mwathi who hosted the team urged politicians to depoliticized the BBI report which he termed as the saviour to central region.

"The document has all we have been asking for in matters revenue allocation because the proposed increase of 70 legislators where populous constituencies will get more than one MP each means we will get additional resources and additional representation (votes) in Parliament," he said.

He accused legislators allied to Deputy President William Ruto of peddling falsehood about the document and urged Kenyans to ignore them and read the proposals for themselves in order to make independent choices.

Waruguru, who was formerly allied to the DP accused his team of spreading propaganda about the document aiming to confuse voters at the expense of development.

She gave a chronological order of benefits the document has for the country and particularly for the Mt.Kenya residents.
"From  health care, the youth women and agriculture, this document is addressing all of them. The much touted guaranteed minimum returns for farmers is also there and this will be dictated by respective county government because each region depends on different cash crops," she said.

Maragua MP expressed her displeasure with the recent heckling of Wamuchomba as she sold the document to residents of Githunguri and pleaded with locals to avoid buying sheer propaganda.

"When we in Murang'a see and hear Kiambu people opposing the document which Uhuru has urged us to support, we become very disappointed," she said. 

The legislator noted that  BBI  could be having some shortcomings which can be amended, in future.

"No laws, but the Holy Bible  are cast on stone and therefore we can pass the BBI proposals and then make amendments in future,"she said.

Wamuchomba said that the BBI proposals will be passed through hook or crook adding that the caucus will traverse the entire region and prevail upon locals to support it.

"Stop falling prey to Tanga Tanga empty rhetoric and propaganda. The proposals will pass wapende wasipende," she said.

Kigumo lawmaker pleaded with Mt.Kenya people to support the document noting that the same will be lead to other regions supporting it.

"I urge you not to expose the President to the vagaries of shame and ridicule. He is our pointman in the region and hence have no option but follow his counsel," she said.

Speaker after speaker, save for Koinange made calculated onslaughts to Ruto whom they said had planted the opposition seed in the region using his cron

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