Kiambu MCAs realign in a fresh attempt to impeach Speaker

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 00:00 |
Kiambu county Assembly at a past sitting. Photo/PD/FILE

Fresh intrigues are emerging in Kiambu county following the realignment of some leaders in the region, in what has been attributed to an alleged battle for the control of resources, revenge, political survival tactics and pursuit for self-interests.

Currently, Ward Reps, who have since forged a surprise unity of purpose, are pushing two parallel petitions—one to impeach Speaker Stephen Ndicho over alleged abuse of office and another to bring back their clerk Joseph Igogo.

Igogo, who was seconded to the Regional Assembly last year to serve for five years, was recalled to National Assembly two weeks ago but Ward Reps have blamed it on the Speaker, who they now want to oust, in what has been viewed as a vicious revenge mission.

Already, at least 64 MCAs have signed in support of a fresh impeachment motion against Ndicho, who survived a similar plot in July, and according to those behind it, it is expected to be tabled this week once the House resumes “unless things change”.

Fierce critic

On another hand, Majority Leader and Ndeiya MCA Gideon Gachara, who is a fierce critic of the Speaker, has forwarded a petition to the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi seeking to have Igogo sent back to Kiambu “urgently”.

Igogo has already reported to Parliament but 82 MCAs, including two, who sit in Ndicho-chaired County Assembly Public Service Board (clerk is the board’s secretary), and the entire House leadership, have signed the petition dated September 24.

“The entire (Kiambu assembly) has deliberated and consulted on this matter (Igogo) and resolved that this letter be written to petition you (Muturi) to kindly rescind the decision to recall the Clerk of the Assembly,” reads Gachara’s petition in part.

Gachara in his petition has told Muturi they were dismayed by the “untimely and urgent” move to remove Igogo from the regional assembly, saying it will affect the operations.

Contacted, Igogo said he has heard of the plot by MCAs on him, but declined to discuss it, and instead referred as to the Kiambu Assembly leadership “since he has already settled at his new station”.

Interestingly, in the past political arrangements, the House was divided between allies of Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Ndicho and their critics.

Gachara, replaced Waititu’s ally and Kiambu Town MCA Antony Ikonya as the Majority Leader and was among MCAs who were pushing the previous impeachment where the governor was blamed for its death.

Igogo was also perceived to be Waititu’s ally and by extension Ndicho and in the failed impeachment, some MCAs accused him of conspiring to frustrate it. 

How the warring groups, whose enmity was escalated by Waititu’s prosecution and the takeover of operations by his deputy James Nyoro, is what have baffled even pundits who read deep interests.

While the move by Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) to recall Igogo may be normal, MCAs believe it was orchestrated by Ndicho for his survival in the county which has continued to be marred by political mischief.

The same mischief has been blamed on the fresh twist as factions continue to flex their political muscles in what has been described as a battle of ego, and one without substance. 

Ndicho is accusing Igogo of being behind the failed and the fresh impeachment plot as well as the recall process, allegedly for his own survival.

“I am told he (Igogo) is asking MCAs to do the petition and also impeach me. I don’t know what grave and gross misconduct I have committed to warrant the impeachment but we will ad see,” Ndicho said.

The Clerk’s exit, he said, was a blessing in disguise for the assembly, adding that: “If I reveal what lgogo did in the assembly for that one year (he has been in office), he will land in very serious trouble,”

Fate sealed

But Igogo, in a quick rejoinder distanced himself from any of the petitions, and said he was ready to face any accusations “since he has nothing to hide and his record is clean”.

 Ndicho rubbished claims that he is behind Igogo’s recall by Parliament, saying, though he had his reservations about his deeds, his fate was sealed when Parliament recalled him, noting that already his position has already been filled.

 MCAs claim Ndicho orchestrated Igogo’s recalling allegedly over leadership differences and the Punguza Mizigo voting where one of the top county leaders was allegedly hopping to use it as a blackmail to negotiate his woes, with the Clerk allegedly playing a focal point.

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