Kiambu MCAs applaud Uhuru for creating municipalities

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 10:46 |

Kiambu Members of the County Assembly have thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration for creating municipalities in most urban areas across the country.

They said that the municipalities which are autonomous have initiated numerous infrastructural projects which have complemented those done by the county governments.

Led by Kinoo civic leader Kimani Wanjiku, they observed that the municipalities in Kiambu have done a commendable job particularly in streetlighting and rehabilitation of roads.

Unknown to majority of Kiambu county residents, the area was divided into 6 municipalities in 2018 which are fully funded by the World Bank.

The six administrative units which are manned by management boards receive their funding from the WB through the county government through the Kenya Urban Support Program with the sole purpose of the money being to deliver improved Infrastructure.

The municipalities which includes Limuru, Karuri, Kiambu, Ruiru, Thika and Kikuyu has since last year received 1.9 billion Shillngs to improve roads and street lighting with a view of ensuring a 24 hours economy and ease movement.

Yesterday, the Limuru municipality board inaugurated the newly rehabilitated bus park was formerly un-motorable.

Municipality manager Michael Muna said that area governor James Nyoro had channelled 160 millions towards the tarmacking, lighting and waste management in the busy facilty as well as the rehabilitation of roads at Kambaa in Lari sub county.

"The project is very pivotal towards economic development and growth which has been accompanied by rapid urbanization and it's the commitment of the municipality to establish and strengthen urban institutions under the supervision of the governor," he said.

Limuru buspark chairman John Kamau said that the rehabilitation of the facility would improve security and movement of commutters.

"We used to encounter perennial breakdown of our vehicles because the park had potholes and was flooding all the time but now we can foresee post covid-19.growth," he said.

Fire station and engines are also acquired through the programme with locals hailing the same because it has helped reduce losses caused by fires.

Karuri municipality manager Munga Kihiu said they received KSh 233 million from World Bank, and have used Sh 63 million to build the station which is about 80 per cent complete.

Kihiu said they expect to handover the complete facility to county government next month awaiting opening.

He said the rest of the money will be used to improve roads, drainage and street lighting.

The manager said the station which is located at Karuri town, along Banana to Nairobi highway, where   firefighters be able to respond to distress call easily.

The area is grown with shopping malls, car bazaars, flats and rental houses as well as businesses.

"This place is growing fast. When World Bank set aside that money for us, we as a community decided to build a fire station and improve roads that are widely used," he said.

Kihiu applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for setting up the municipalities, some projects with such donors would not have been realised.

He revealed that the station will have ambulance services, storage rooms, water, training facilities since it will also offer first aid training to secondary school students, churches and other groups.

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