Kiambu elderly residents benefit from adult diapers, blankets

Monday, September 6th, 2021 00:00 |

Over 50 needy elderly residents of Gatundu North in Kiambu County have received food items, adult diapers and blankets to help them survive economic challenges occasioned by Covid-19.

The men and women above 65 years received the donations after they decried collapse of their source of income precipitated by the onset of Covid-19.

Most of them said they used to be coffee farmers but their coffee farms have since gone under and some turned into high-rise residential areas, rendering them jobless and dependent on caregivers and well-wishers.

“We have been relying on coffee returns but when brokers invaded the industry, we ventured into other businesses that have not been paying since Covid-19 hit our country. Now that we cannot resume the coffee farming and expect instant returns, we have been relying on well-wishers and our children most of whom were rendered jobless by the pandemic,” Janet Wangechi, an elderly woman said.

The donations made at Gatukuyu village of Mang’u ward were made by Gachie Rotary Club in Nairobi in partnership with Ahadi Kenya Trust.

In a colourful event that saw the elderly persons dance and eat together in complete adherence to Covid-19 protocols saw them take home food items, mostly dry goods consisting of rice, sugar, cooking fat, ugali and porridge flour as well as laundry bars.

According to rotarian Juliet Wairimu, the donations will help keep the frail locals going and survive the cold weather season alongside reducing the burden encountered by caregivers, most of whom have minimum sources of income.

“Like it is our calling, we will continue to be problem- solvers in all areas across our country. We are focused to see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves,” said Wairimu.

Among the beneficiaries are poor, vulnerable persons living with disabilities alongside others who have underlying health conditions and cannot fend for themselves. 

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