Kiambu deputy governor sworn in after months of delay

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 16:18 |

The long wait for the swearing in of Kiambu’s deputy governor ended on Wednesday when the proposed candidate Joyce Wanjiku Ngugi took oath of office in a low-key ceremony presided over by Kiambu High Court judge, Christine Wanjiku Meoli.  

Wanjiku was appointed by Governor James Nyoro who took over the county leadership following the impeachment of Ferdinand Waititu over gross misconduct, abuse of power and corruption allegations.
Speaking after her swearing in, Wanjiku said she will diligently work with Governor Nyoro to restore and advance the public trust the people of Kiambu have in their County Government.
Contrary to the face of former county leadership of Waititu and Nyoro, Wanjiku vowed to deploy a complementary and not a competing approach when rendering services to the residents of Kiambu County.
“I trust we can work together harmoniously for the greater good of our residents,” she said.
She promised to work closely with Governor Nyoro to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in all planning processes especially in the formulation of development plans and budget process with regard to Article 196 and Article 201 of the Constitution of Kenya.
The DG also vowed to work closely with Governor Nyoro and the national government to establish a favorable environment that will attract investors and develop industries and institutions that will draw from and create employment amongst thousands of suffering youth.
“Kiambu has in the past proved that prosperity can be achieved when a County chooses to learn from its previous mistakes and forge ahead with a commitment towards improving livelihoods. This, we will endevour to foster for the good of Kiambu residents,” she added.
Wanjiku holds a Master’s degree in Education from Kenyatta University having previously attained a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Egerton University.

Until her appointment, Wanjiku was the Chairperson of the National Council for Children Services.
Addressing the county leaders after the ceremony, governor Nyoro reiterated that the appointment of Wanjiku was a demonstration that women are equal to men and promised to support her.
He thanked her for her resilience in the midst of mishaps and postponement (s) of the swearing in ceremony which were precipitated by the dawn of Covid-19 in the country.
“Your assumption of office comes at a time when the country is facing serious challenges in the fight against Covid-19 but I promise this; we will work together. We will support you,” stated Nyoro.
Nyoro’s sentiments were echoed by Kiambu County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga who reminded Wanjiku of the various challenges that come with holding the DG position.
Wanyanga insisted that the county’s agenda is set by the governor and implored Wanjiku to harmoniously work with her boss for the good of all residents.

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