Kiambu County set to address growing alcoholism menace

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 16:00 |
Deputy governor Joyce Ngugi

Kiambu County government is set to address growing alcoholism menace to save and improve the lives of young people and make them active participants in the county's economy.

Following the death of five people from the Gatundu South constituency last month and who reportedly passed on after drinking illicitly-brewed alcohol believed to have been laced with industrial chemicals, the devolved unit has moved to put in place new intervention measures to address the growing problem.

The persons who are aged between 22-40 years died in a period of one and a half weeks leaving a cloud of darkness in the vast constituency.
Deputy governor Joyce Ngugi yesterday announced that the devolved unit will identify addicts, counsel, rehabilitate and engage them in income generating activities.

Addressing hundreds of alcoholics who have exhibited desire of quitting the vice which has destroyed hundreds of lives at Kahuguiini village in Gatundu South, the DG said despite alcoholism being a disease, it was unfortunate that alcoholics have been stigmatized by society instead of being assisted to reform and become responsible members of the society.

“With the growing stigmatization, we must make deliberate moves to holistically help the addicts recover and later live productive lives. We will partner with charitable organizations, the church and other stakeholders to address the challenge,” she said.

Ngugi who is counselor by profession said the county will prioritize creation of sobriety among addicts before bringing on board banks and other financial institutions to chip in to enable them to start businesses to uplift their lives.

“We are also working with banks such as KCB among other agencies where the county government will secure free interest loans not only for the recovered addicts but also for our people whose business were crippled by Covid-19,” she added.

PCEA Thiririka Parish Moderator Rev Nahashon Mwaura who also counselled alcoholics said the church is ready to partner with both the national and county governments to create an alcohol-free society.

With the partnership, he said that many addicts have expressed readiness to quit the vice and instead engage themselves in gainful engagements such as farming, car washing and many others.

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