Kiambaa by-election: What we know so far

Thursday, July 15th, 2021 16:14 |
UDA candidate casts his vote in Kiambaa by-election. PHOTO: Courtesy

The long anticipated by-election in Kiambaa kicked off today with 95,413 registered voters gearing to cast their votes at the 154 polling station.

Closely watched in the by-elections that will come to an end at 5pm are Jubilee's and UDA's candidates Kariri Njama and John Njuguna respectively.

Other candidates are Evans Wainaina of the People's Party of Kenya, Kamau Willie Mbugua an independent candidate, Muchugi Isaac Karomo of the Federal Party of Kenya, Munyinyi David Mugo an independent candidate, Muthaka Lucy Wanjiru of PNU and and Richard Njoroge of The New Democrats.

While addressing members of the press on the afternoon of Thursday, July 15, IEBC chiarman Wafula Chebukati warned against any attempts to disrupt the Kiambaa and Muguga by-elections.

The IEBC boss also maintained that chiefs are not allowed at polling stations hours after UDA accused the Ministry of Interior of tempering with the process using chiefs.

Chebukati said that only voters, authorized police officers, observers, candidates, one agent per candidate, and the media are permitted to be present at polling stations.

“I mentioned six groups of people who are supposed to be at the polling stations; chiefs are not among them according to the Elections Act. Polling stations extends to about 400 meters so people should not be idling around that area,” the IEBC chair said.

IEBC has also responded to a statement by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who alleged that IEBC clerks from Kingothua Primary School sneaked KIEMS kits to conduct voting at a plantation.

"The car in question is an IEBC vehicle being used by Commission staff who are providing technical support to the polling process.
The post by Moses Kuria is therefore a false allegation," IEBC said.

Chebukati's caution comes after an angry group of youth accosted National Assembly Leader Amos Kimunya in the morning at Kimuga Cattle Dip polling station.

The group of youth who confronted Kimunya asked the Kipipiri MP who is leading the Jubilee campaign in Kiambaa to leave the polling station.

Speaking to the press after the scuffle, Kimunya labelled the group as hecklers hired by their competitors to interfere with the smooth running of the by-election.

Kimunya defended himself saying he is authorized to be at the polling station as a Jubilee agent.

“These are goons hired by our competitors to shout at me and also to try to influence voters. I am here officially as an agent of the Jubilee party. My name was forwarded to the IEBC and I have been here since 6 am,” Kimunya said.

On their part, the youths accused the Kipipiri MP of planning to rig the by-election.

“What is he doing there? We want him to leave because he wants to start rigging the by-election. There is no other MP at the polling station. What is he doing there?” one of the youths posed.

Jubilee's Kariri Njama cast his vote at Gachie Primary school at around 11am moments after his key competitor, UDA's John Njuguna did the same at Thindibwa polling station.

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