Keroche cranks up competition with strongest local beer

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 00:00 |
Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja and Chairman Joseph Karanja toast during the launch of Vienna Ice Strong Lager in Naivasha yesterday. Photo/PD/KIRERA MWITI

Naivasha-based Keroche Breweries has cranked up competition in the beer market with the launch of newly launched Vienna Ice Strong Lager.

While launching the new product, the firm warned over a dip in beer production, saying sales have dropped by 25 per cent on the back of Covid-19 pandemic, with bars and restaurants remaining closed.

Despite the challenges, the company still exudes confidence that it will recover through the newly launched Vienna Ice Strong Lager.

This emerged during the colourful launch of the new Vienna Ice Strong Lager that has a 10 per cent alcohol content. 

According to the company CEO Tabitha Karanja, this was the first locally brewed strong beer in the market dominated by imports.

Karanja said plans were underway to launch another brand of strong beer in the next three months meaning more job opportunities for residents and revenue.

“The new product Vienna Ice Strong Lager will generate over Sh1 billion to KRA every year and this will rise with time as per our market projections,” she said.

The CEO said that the product was introduced to the market following a two-year survey which indicated the absence of strong beer in the country. 

“For years consumers have relied on imports in this market and the new brand which is unique will fill in this gap,” she said.

Karanja admitted that the pandemic had adversely affected the liquor sector with sales dropping by 25 percent due to closure of bars.

She was, however, optimistic that things would change in the coming months with their projections of attaining 10 per cent of the country’s market still on track.

“Tax remains a major challenge for us and we are content with the recent court ruling that directed the Competition Authority to the issue of beer packaging,” she said.

Operations manager Nicholas Kipchirchir said the new product was launched after the successful acceptance of KB lager last year.

He said the company would meet demand of the newly launched strong beer.

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