Kenyans safe from coronavirus, China envoy assures

Friday, February 14th, 2020 00:00 |
Travellers are screened for Coronavirus at an Indian airport. Photo/COURTESY

George Kebaso @Morarak

The Chinese authorities have assured Kenyans  that they are safe from being infected with coronavirus by  Chinese visiting the country.

  The assurance follows emerging  fears in the country over the close interaction  between Kenya  with the Southern Asian superpower.

Ambassador Wu Peng yesterday said the updated measures his government has taken to ensure that the deadly virus does not find its way into the country is the isolation of all Chinese nationals arriving in Kenya everyday for 14 days.

“We continue to monitor the entry of our nationals into Kenya and have instructed them to strictly adhere to the prevention and control measures.

We have required all Chinese coming back from China to isolate themselves at home for 14 days even if they have no symptoms,” he said  when he met journalists during the Editors’ Guild luncheon.

Families fears

Wu Peng said he fully understands the concerns and fears of families of Kenyans living or studying in China, especially in Wuhan city and assured the country that all her citizens in the South Eastern Asian nation, were safe. 

“I wish to stress that, foreign nationals including Kenyans are safe in China,” he said.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) evaluation shows that the safest way for foreign nationals in Wuhan, is to stay put and ensure effective self-protection.

“Hasty movement will only add more uncertainties. Some confirmed cases have been detected among some foreign evacuees, which increase the risk of further spread,” Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General said in a statement.

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