Kenyans fault State bid to rename Moi, Boxing days

Friday, December 27th, 2019 00:00 |
Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) chair Khelef Khalifa.

Monica Kagia

Cabinet’s proposal to rename Boxing Day to ‘Utamaduni Day’ has been met with mixed sentiments.

A majority of Kenyans felt the country was part of the global community and should let Boxing Day be, faulting the December 19 proposal.

The Cabinet meeting approved  the Public Holidays Act (Cap 109) be amended to rename Boxing Day, Utamaduni, and the day be set aside to celebrate the country’s rich culture and heritage. The amendments would take effect once approved by Parliament.

The Building Bridges Initiative also had similar proposals. It recommended Boxing Day be replaced with National Culture Day to celebrate and learn about Kenyan cultural diversity.

Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) chair Khelef Khalifa trashed the proposals terming them far-fetched.

He said he does not support the changes as they emanated from a taskforce that was an “unknown entity that was established outside the law and provisions of the constitution.”

Mombasa resident Moses Wambua said the proposal was illogical.

“I have celebrated Boxing Day since time immemorial. It is a day I call a ‘lazy day’ after Christmas. Trying to change it seems ridiculous,” he said. 

The Cabinet also proposed to rename Moi Day (October 10), to Huduma Day.

“This is in line with former President Moi’s desire that the day be commemorated as a day of service and volunteerism,” a media brief by the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit had read.

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