Kenyans demand for better services yet some are not willing to pay taxes – Uhuru claims

Saturday, October 30th, 2021 10:08 |
You have no option in judges appointments - Lawyers tell Uhuru
President Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO/COURTESY
You have no option in judges appointments - Lawyers tell Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday October 29,2021 stated that Kenyans are demanding for better services from the government yet some of them are unwilling to register and pay taxes to finance the services.

"Today we have 19.6m voters but only 6m active taxpayers. Many Kenyans are demanding for better infrastructure, better public service and access to public goods, yet some of us are not willing to fund the same through registering and paying taxes," he said.

The President, who was speaking in Nairobi where he presided over the 2021 National Taxpayers’ Day, asked the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to collaborate with other agencies within the multi-agency framework to fight illicit trade and ensure that no single cent of revenue is lost through tax evasion.

The President emphasized that paying taxes enables Kenyans to take ownership of the country’s governance and actualization of shared development aspirations.

“I must emphasize that to achieve the better Kenya we desire, we must all be ready and willing to reciprocate by paying our tax dues and on time.

“Each eligible taxpayer must realise that paying their fair share of taxes is not only an obligation but it is a demonstration of patriotism,” the President said.

During the event, Safaricom received an award for being the overall top large taxpayer while the medium top taxpayer award went to Premier Credit Limited.

While congratulating the individuals and corporates that received awards for exemplary tax compliance, the President urged other taxpayers to follow their example by promptly paying their rightful share of tax, file returns diligently and shun evasive tactics which undermine the country’s ability to fund its development.

He also encouraged all those who owe taxes from previous periods to demonstrate their patriotism by honouring their obligation.

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