Kenyans captivated by picture of family with plastic face mask

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 00:00 |
Plastic face mask.

The family of a woman and her children pictured wearing plastic bottle improvised masks at the Likoni Ferry Crossing channel’s waiting bay has continued to stir the emotions of Kenyans across the country.

The image paints a stark reality of how poor Kenyans are struggling to keep the risk of Covid-19 at bay even as shortage and subsequent escalating prices of protective materials like sanitisers and masks continue to expose Kenyans predominantly of poor backgrounds to the risk of contracting the virus.

In an apparent gesture that demonstrates awareness about existence of the deadly virus the unidentified woman improvised plastic water bottles to design masks for her daughter and herself.  

The woman with her two children was pictured as she waited to cross to the mainland alongside other commuters.

With their bottle masks covering their faces, the family stood out from the crowd of other ferry users some of who were donning dust masks.

Risk of suffocation

Oblivious of the risk of suffocation that maybe attached to used of a plastic mask, it is clear the family could only cling to hope after taking the only “precautionary measure” they could afford at the time.

Coast regional police commander Rashid Yakub, who was at the ferry’s mainland waiting bay spotted the family and was equally touched by the situation.

He then gave the family the right masks donated by well wishers to replace the plastic masks.

Touched by the family

“I was touched by the family and equally impressed by their demonstration or caution and I thought they deserved better.

At the same time it was notable that they were a needy case and therefore the most deserved to get the masks,” said Yakub.

It is an image that has continued to trigger reactions amongst Kenyans on social media most of whom have expressed their concerns at the levels of poverty entangling Kenyans.

Jonathan Black Somoka said “This Picture Speaks a Million Words and a Million Stories. Makes me wanna Cry.

Please Mighty King of Glory Jesus Make a way for this family where there is no way, most especially the innocent little ones.”

“Ooh my God haki we are suffering I can’t stop shedding tears. I myself have totally nothing and my God you know but this one is worse than mine.ooh God have mercy on us and remove this disease in our society ooh Lord...” another Kenyan Felista Maurice said.

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