Kenyans among best hosts globally, expat survey shows

Friday, September 6th, 2019 00:00 |
Cyprus has lost 15 ranks, placing 45th in 2019. Unsurprisingly, the general satisfaction with life abroad has worsened: while 13% are still completely satisfied, this is a drop of 14 percentage points since 2018.


Expatriates have ranked Kenya high in the ease of settling in, placing it at position seven out of 64 countries, a survey by InterNations’ Expat Insider shows. 

According to the outfit’s  2019 survey, 72 per cent of expatriates find it easy to make new friends compared to 54 per cent globally, 85 per cent consider Kenyans generally friendly against 68 per cent globally and 74 per cent also describe Kenyans as friendly towards foreigners compared to 65 per cent globally.

Kenya improved in the world ranking of best and worst destinations to live and work in.

The survey places Kenya at 36 out of 64 leading destinations, further showing that the country has gained ground in every index except for the personal finance index where it has dropped from 44th to 53rd position.

“Kenya has gained 15 ranks in the Expat Insider 2019 survey from position 51 in 2018 to 36 in 2019 due to improvements in every index except the personal finance index,” says the new study which also ranks Nigeria as the country with the worst quality of life in the world.

The InterNations’ Expat Insider ranks countries in order of how friendly they are to expats based on various aspects including quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance and cost of living.

According to the new study, just about three in five expats in Kenya or 61 per cent are happier with their financial situation this year compared to 70 per cent last year.

The new survey reveals that almost a third or 32 per cent of expats in the country think that their disposable household income is not enough to cover all living expenses projecting a deteriorating situation compared to 18 per cent last year.

Working hours

“With Kenya gaining 10 ranks in the working abroad Index from 56th to 46th, expats are now more satisfied with their working hours at 67 per cent in 2019 up from 53 per cent last year, as well as their jobs in general at 69 per cent in 2019 versus 64 per cent in 2018,” the report reads in part.

The new study, however, shows that Kenya still ranks among the 10 worst destinations in the economy and job Security subcategory at position 56 out of 64.

“In fact, 29 per cent of expats in Kenyan say they lack job security compared to 21 per cent globally. But 40 per cent of the expats are unhappy with the current state of the economy versus 18 per cent globally.”

Safety continues to be an issue for expats living in Kenya, with the survey ranking the country among the bottom 10 in the safety and security sub-category for the fourth year in a row at 58th.

The report cites an Italian expat who thinks that there is a “security problem and corruption everywhere”.

By the same token Taiwan, Vietnam and Portugal are ranked as the best expat destinations in their ease of settling in and good personal finances.

While expats in Taiwan and Portugal are also extremely satisfied with the quality of life, those in Vietnam appreciate their great work life.

At the other end of the ranking, Kuwait emerged the worst, while Italy and Nigeria are the worst destinations for expats in 2019.

“Coming first out of 64 countries and territories in the Expat Insider 2019 survey, Taiwan stands out for its great quality of life.

Taiwan is rated best in the world for the affordability of healthcare, with almost nine in 10 respondents representing 89 per cent, satisfied with this factor versus 55 per cent globally.”

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