Kenyan fashion blogger and vlogger finds her call in Scotland

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 00:00 |
Fashion vlogger and blogger Mbaire Wangui.

MBAIRE WANGUI is a Scotland-based Kenyan fashion blogger and vlogger. With a degree in Journalism and currently pursuing her second in Visual Communication and Design, she’s been on the game for three years. NAILANTEI NORARI caught up with her to discuss her fashion influences

How does blogging fit in into your life?

I genuinely love clothes and dressing up, and therefore, blogging and vlogging about fashion seamlessly fits into my life. I love it!

What inspired you into this area of influence?

I did not have friends when I moved to Scotland to study in 2016 and needed an escape plan and something to spend time doing. So, I decided to do a YouTube video before my birthday, just for me.

It turned out to be a date night outfit ideas video. For the blog, it started with me deciding to share 31 pictures of myself in the course of January as a birthday gift to myself, and share them on Instagram.

My followers loved them so much that I kept on going and later decided to create a whole website.

Thank God I started this journey, for it has grown to be much more than I had ever envisioned.

How do you balance school and the websites?

I really don’t have to because it is interlinked. I use what I learn in school to better my output.

I, therefore, find it easy to edit my images and videos as it is something I learnt in my first degree and continue to better with my second. I would say these two fit perfectly together.

What beauty routine is most important to you?

I love moisturising. It is the one thing that is basic, but does wonders for your skin.

Which vloggers and YouTubers inspire you?

I am such a fan of Sharon Mundia and Wahura. I mean who doesn’t love Wahura though? But then, I am also a fan of my work. I put in so much thought and work into my videos and photos. I also love Cocobeautea, who is a minimalist fashion vlogger. 

How does the Scottish fashion stage compare with the Kenyan scene?

First, fashion in Scotland is fast; like I mean really fast. In Kenya, it isn’t that quick, so there is time to think about and process your purchases. There is pressure to buy fast before it goes out of style.

But it is a good thing because I then got to really know my style well and now have curated my own style. Now I only shop less and for things that fit my style.

Your best fashion buy is?

My next buy (Ha-ha-ha). For me, the best fashion buy is the next item that I spot and just have to have it. 

How can you describe your style?

I like to say eclectic. My tagline sort of explains it all; timeless, elegant, impressive and versatile.

You spot natural hair? Is it a conscious fashion decision?

I am a naturalist. I have been natural all my life thanks to my grandma and I love it.

Although, I can’t say I have never had days that I dream of bone straight hair…you know! But I get the allure for processed hair, but prefer my natural mane.

Do you have a signature scent?

It depends on the season. But I am partial to Daisy by Mark Jacobs. But I can wear it all year.

What do you splurge on?

Does food count? Clothes, food and shoes; not necessarily in that order. 

Fashion tip to help each of us become our own fashionistas?

You need confidence to look good. Oh! And good shoes. Good shoes always add points to your outfit. Also, just be you; cultivate your personal trends.

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