Kenyan court summons Nokia executives

Thursday, February 25th, 2021 14:17 |

A Kenyan court yesterday summoned three directors of giant mobile manufacturer Nokia Corporation to face criminal charges of illegally obtaining tax information of Techno Service Limited.

Milimani Senior Resident Magistrate David Ndugi issued the fresh summons after directors Roschier Attorneys LTS, Rajeev Suri and Aapo Saarikivi failed to honour the earlier orders to appear in court yesterday.

“Summons to issue to all accused persons who are in Helsinki, Finland, in order to take a plea virtually on March 16 at 2pm,” ordered the magistrate.

Video conference

The court further ordered the Milimani Administrator together with the ICT department to organise the video conferencing on March 16 to enable the accused to plead to the charges virtually.

Ndugi further ordered the complainant in the case to serve the accused persons with the summons to appear in person for plea on the scheduled date.

The directors have been ordered to take plea after the court late last year allowed Techno Service Ltd to privately prosecute them for illegally obtaining its tax information for use before an international arbitration court.

In a charge sheet presented in court by the private Prosecutor, the three alongside Nokia corporation are expected to face 12 charges of conspiracy to fabricate evidence and to defeat justice , perjury, making a false documents.

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