Kenyan coastline: Protect coastline to preserve heritage

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 18:15 |
Fort Jesus. Photo/Courtesy

This Jesus caused drama last week in the city.

The middle-aged man climbed atop a traffic lights, tied a rope on the pole and another end on his neck while screaming, “Mimi ni Yesu, nakuja nyumbani (I am Jesus, I’m coming home).”

The incident caught the attention of onlookers, who persuaded the man to climb down and stop the suicide attempt.

Nonetheless, he went ahead to hang onto the traffic light rod and pushed himself away, dangling on his two hands for a moment before letting go.

The rope gave way and the man fell to the tarmac as traffic police hurried to the scene to the rescue.

Displeased onlookers rained blows and kicks on “Jesus” before but police had been on standby to whisk him to safety.

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