Kenyan actress sacked for ‘lefting’ WhatApp group

Thursday, March 5th, 2020 11:14 |

Since the emergence of WhatsApp platform, sharing of ideas and information became effortless and swift.

Nonetheless, it can sometimes be a nuisance, what with endless, valueless comments by some members and irritating bosses texting furiously throughout the night!

But  firing someone because he or she “Left” a WhatsApp group is bizarre. 

Well, that’s what happened in 2015  after an actress on a TV show was shown the door. Rose Nyabhate took to her Facebook account to explain to fans why she was no longer on their TV screens saying she was accused of inciting her colleagues, and for leaving WhatsApp group. 

“Who gets fired for leaving a WhatsApp group, really?” she wondered. Well, it happened to her.

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