Kenya will triumph over coronavirus pandemic challenges

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 00:00 |
We will not be able to return immediately to life as it was before.

Gideon Moi 

Fellow Kenyans, Easter coming to an end signifies the culmination of the suffering of Jesus Christ.

His persecution and crucifixion were never in vain. Through resurrection, Christ has conquered death and brought redemption to mankind.

 Even as we wage this vicious battle against coronavirus and its devastating effects, the Easter season provides a lucid reflection of what lies ahead. Monumental triumph over Covid-19 is what awaits us.

 Since the confirmation of the first case in our land, our comprehensive precaution measures, a generally obedient citizenry, and our collective nationhood have sufficed. 

 Let’s remain responsible by regularly washing our hands with soap, maintaining social distance, and stay home if we can to reduce the probability of contracting this highly contagious virus.  

 Indeed, this disease has brought to the fore the gaps in our healthcare systems and what needs to be fixed, besides reinforcing the centrality of Universal Health Coverage as a critical pillar in the Big Four Agenda.

 But I take great comfort in the noble innovation and local production capacities witnessed so far.

I extend my felicitations particularly to the students from Kenyatta University who have locally developed ventilators to complement the existing respiratory equipment. 

Doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners are our first line of defence in this combat.

Sacrificing personal safety for the greater good of the nation is the epitome of humanity. May God protect bless you and protect Kenya.

— Senator Gideon Moi, National Chairman, KANU.

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