Kenya safe from harmful pesticides: lobbies

Thursday, October 24th, 2019 07:59 |

Laws regulating the use of pesticides in Kenya are sufficient to prevent harmful products gaining entry into the country, associations of agricultural growers and products have said.

But the the organisations said they support proposed legislation to update regulations on pesticides.

 The CEO of the Agrochemicals Association of Kenya Eric Kimung’unyi termed Kenya’s pest control regime the most rigorous in Africa.

“The new legislation will strengthen Kenya’s rigorous pesticide control, which already prevents any pesticide that has been banned as a health hazard or pollutant under the international Rotterdam or Stockholm Conventions, from being sold in Kenya,” he said.

The new legislation, he said would create an independent Pesticide Control Products Authority, upgrade the qualifications needed to run businesses and premises handling pesticides and make pesticide stock records compulsory.

“It will also facilitate the movement of, and the labelling on, pesticides sold in Kenya to the global system of hazard warnings called the Global Harmonised System of Hazard Warnings,” he added.

Fresh Produce Consortium, Cereal Growers Association and Veterinary Inputs Suppliers Association of Kenya supported the proposed legislation. 

FPC chief executive Okisegere Ojepat said the regulation is under review and advocates for responsible use of pesticides.

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