Kenya probes death of 18 vultures

Friday, April 24th, 2020 15:01 |


Kenya's wildlife agency on Wednesday launched investigations to find out the killers of 18 vultures that were found dead in the central part of the country on Tuesday evening.

Paul Udoto, corporate communications manager at Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said that samples from the vultures have been taken to the Government Chemist for analysis.

"KWS is investigating circumstances under which 18 vultures died in Laikipia County in central Kenya," Udoto said in a statement.

Udoto noted that preliminary investigations by KWS personnel have found that the vultures could have died after eating a camel carcass that had been poisoned.

He said that the preliminary report revealed that local community poisoned the camel meat to kill a lion that was killing their livestock.

"The vulture carcasses have since been disposed of to prevent possible spread of disease," Udoto added. (Xinhua)

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