Kenya Pipeline Company gives assurance over fuel supply

Thursday, December 19th, 2019 00:00 |
214m Litres of petrol available in the country to cover end-of- year festivities.

Ann Nyathira

Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has assured Kenyans of continued supply of petroleum products during the festive season.

The State corporation that has the responsibility of transporting, storing and delivering petroleum products to consumers, said the current stock position indicates availability of over 214 million litres of petrol and more than 179 million litres of diesel.

 There is also over 103 million litres of jet fuel available at various depots throughout the country. The stocks are expected to last 17 days.

It said adequate measures had been put in place to ensure all depots continue to operate normally during the festive period. 

“Due to rising demand for fuel around this time, we are ready to extend loading hours in all our depots to meet the demand to serve the country and the region adequately,” said Acting Managing Director Hudson Andambi.

He added that an additional 216 million litres of super petrol, 309 million litres of diesel and 85 million litres of jet fuel would be delivered into the country in January.

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