Kenya loses ten senior doctors in one week to COVID, KMPDU issues strike notice

Sunday, November 15th, 2020 17:17 |
Some of the Doctors who have succembed to COVID-19 in the last one week

The Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union(KMPDU) has issued a 21-day notice, moments after it announced losing 10 senior doctors this week to Covid-19.

In a statement on Sunday, KMPDU officials said the pandemic has claimed 30 healthcare workers so far, the 10 doctors being the latest to succumb.

They accused the government of exposing them to injurious working conditions which exposed them to coronavirus vulnerability.

The forefront fighters of the pandemic said the strike notice will force the government to act.

"The National Advisory Council has resolved to issue a 21-day strike notice to the Government of Kenya," said KMPDU in a letter signed by the Acting Secretary-General Chibanzi Mwachonda.

They said they will only call off the strike after the government meets their demands. The practitioners demanded standard PPEs to all the healthcare workers, and among others.

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To ensure the healthcare workers perform duties with less disruption, the union demanded a comprehensive medical cover and workman's compensation for all doctors.

The union also demanded permanent employment to 2000 doctors currently under contract terms. Further, they demanded dedicated healthcare facilities for healthcare workers and the establishment of a Health Service Commission.

Among the 10 doctors who succumbed this week, four of them died on Friday. The 10 are; Dr Adisa Lugaliki-Obstetrian Gyneacologist, Dr Ndambuki Mboloi-Pulmonologist, Dr Daniel Alushula-Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Vladimir Schuckin-Bariatric Specialist, Dr Hudson Inyangale-Public Health Specialist, Dr Emarah Asharaf-Plastic Surgeon, Dr Robert Ayisi-Pediatrician, Dr Hudson Alumera-Periodontal Surgeon, Dr Faith Mbuba-Pharmacist and Dr Jackline Njoroge, a Physician at Thika Level IV hospital.

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