Kenya gets thumbs-up from tourist

Friday, November 27th, 2020 00:00 |
Fred Finn at Leopard Beach Hotel, Diani, Kwale county. Photo/PD/MUNIRA MANDANO

Munira Mandano

The world’s most travelled man Fred Finn yesterday gave Kenya a clean bill of health despite the ravaging coronavirus   pandemic.

Finn,75, who spoke to journalists at the Diani Beach hotel in Kwale County maintained that Kenya remains a safe holiday destination for tourists from all over the world despite the pandemic.

Finn, who has travelled to more than 150 countries and holds the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s most travelled man.

He stated that he was in the country to demonstrate that the country is safe for tourists amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I did not come here on holiday, that is why my wife is not with me. I came because whenever Kenya has a little crisis, I come to demonstrate that Kenya is safe,” he said.

He says he had noted that Kenyans are following the protocols and guidelines than any other country he has travelled to during the pandemic. He said during a pandemic, Kenya is the safest place to go on holiday.

Finn is scheduled to have his vaccine in December.

Stakeholders in the tourism sector said Finn’s vote of confidence would give Kenya the much-needed confidence at a time the country’s tourism sector is reeling from the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When you get an endorsement from a traveler of Finn’s caliber, that is likely to carry the right persuasion to thousands of other potential travelers to Kenya,” said Kioko Musyoki, Leopard Beach General Manager.

In a recent interview, Finn was full of praise for Kenya terming it his favorite travel destination.

“One of my favorites would be Kenya. I like safari, I lived in Kenya for a while, and it’s one of the most unique countries on Earth.

I belong to a club called Mt Kenya Safari Club, which has nothing to do with safari but was founded by the film star William Holden and his wife, Stefanie Powers.

Their home was 6,000 feet up, and it was warm during the day, cool at night, and there’s no mosquitoes or anything like that.

You can drive by the starlight, you don’t need lights,” he stated in an interview with the website.

“There’s a mountain called Mt Kenya, and it’s 17,500 feet high sitting on the equator. There’s snow on it, and it’s one of the most amazing sights. 40 minutes from there, you’re at Nakuru.

Now, Lake Nakuru, when you fly around, it looks like it’s got a pink sludge around it. In fact, it’s pink flamingos, millions of them.

Another 40 minutes from there is the Masai Mara National Preserve, which joins the Serengeti as the largest free range safari in the world,” he went on.

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