Kenol ringleaders in hiding after skirmishes

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 11:21 |
Chaos ensued in Kenol Murang'a ahead of DP Ruto's church service

Kenol ringleaders in hiding after skirmishes

Two Nairobi-based youths have gone underground after their photos emerged in Kenol area of Murang’a county during the Sunday skirmishes that left two people dead.

The two ringleaders of the group that travelled from Nairobi to cause the chaos in the Murang’a function presided over by Deputy President William Ruto are known to do dirty work for politicians in the opposition but fell on the wrong side of the hustle when two died in the skirmishes.

WhatsApp chat mars visit to top politician

A visit to a leading politician’s home that had been planned for the weekend has been cancelled after it emerged that politicians in the opposing camps had planned to plant goons to paint a bad picture of the event.

The meeting, planned by youth leaders in a Nyanza county drew the attention of the leader’s handlers after a message on a WhatsApp group was shared by the intelligence system.

Former governor staff has fallen on hard times

A former governor’s staff, who is yet to come to terms of his former employer’s defeat, has turned into a wreck.

The man who handled the governor currently facing multiple criminal charges in court, has fallen on hard times, moved house several times and is a regular in many eateries in the city where he whiles away his moments.

With no investment to fall back on to, he is a regular in the many trips to senior politicians’ offices.

Matatu industry grand aspirations in disarray

The launch of a commuter bus service from the Nairobi Railway Station has all but killed aspirations of an ambitious Matatu industry in the country.

The announcement of preparedness of the Kenya Railway Station to cater for what will be a revolutionising public transport in the country has thrown many players in the industry into disarray.

The fate of the famous Matatu terminus outside the station has been sealed.

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