KeNHA puts rogue contractors offloading cargo midway on notice

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 09:21 |
KENHA. Photo/courtesy.

Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) will prosecute directors, beneficial owners and drivers of firms for overloading offences.

KeNHA says it has obtained data from NTSA and other government agencies on beneficial owners of all trucks and says they will be charged and fined.

The authorised has warned that contractors ferrying loose cargo on all its roads must comply or face consequences.

"We have evidence that local and Chinese contractors are habitually overloading. They must stop of face the full wrath of the law," KeNHA Asdistant Director incharge of Axle Load Michael Ngala said, adding that the Judiciary has been sensitised on the menace to ensure the offenders face law.

The trucks are currently being held at its various weighbridge yards after the owners failed to pay up stipulated fines accrued in the last six months.

The proceeds of the auction will be used to repair road section damaged due to overloading.

Ngala warned that the punitive measures will continue until full compliance to the law is attained.

He said that trucks owned by Kenyans are the worst overloaders and are responsible for 30 per cent of road destruction of road surfaces.

"Transit trucks are now 99 per cent compliant but locally owned trucks are at 70 per cent. This must come to an end," Ngala said.

The worst offenders are sand , loose cargo and contractors.

He said the EAC Axle Load regulations and the relevant traffic laws in Kenya will be fully implemented to nail the offenders.
Ngala said the Authority will pursue self regulation in collaboration with transportation Saccos.

He said KeNHA has provided technical support to the Saccos to ensure compliance.

"KeNHA will fully facillitate transporters willing to comply. Then we will reign in on the rogue ones thereafter," Ngala said.

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